Canada Parliament Shooter Had ‘Black and White Palestinian Type Head Scarf Over His Face’ – Eyewitness

Details are finally creeping out slowly about the shooter killed in the Canadian Parliament shooting this afternoon. One eyewitness describes a detail that may tie the attack to Islamism:

From the National Post:

A friend, who does not wish to be identified, said he saw the whole thing from his office window, overlooking the Cenotaph.

“I saw the whole thing; it was unbelievable. Three shots, two at point blank range,” he said. The shooter was young, 30ish, Caucasian and male. He had dark, longish hair, facial hair and a black and white Palestinian type head scarf over his face, which he pulled down after the shooting. Then he held up the gun and shouted something that I didn’t hear.”

There is a screenshot circulating on Twitter supposedly showing the killer:

He has been identified as 32-year old Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a Canadian born citizen:

Many are angry that American news sources are revealing his identity, and suspect that Canadian authorities released it to the U.S. who in turn leaked it to the news media.

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