Canadian politician says not to ‘SPECULATE’ aboot shooter’s motivations, but DEFENDS Islam on Twitter

Chrystia freeland-ISLAM

On Morning Joe this morning, liberal Canadian Member of Parliament Chrystia (whut?) Freeland made sure that no one was jumping to conclusions about the motivations of the shooter that murdered a Canadian soldier and attacked the capital building [watch the video at the Right Scoop]. She didn’t mention that he was a recent Muslim convert, or that he was wearing a Palestinian scarf over his face, or that ISIS Twitter accounts posted a picture of the guy, but hey, don’t you dare speculate about his motivations!!

Here’s a weird thing – on Twitter, she defended Islam by retweeting this:

chrystia freeland-tweet

So, don’t speculate about his motivations UNLESS you want to defend Islam. Thanks “Chrystia.”

Also, yes, the “aboot” was intentional. Because Canadians talk funny.

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