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CNN’s Costello Who LAUGHED at Assault on Bristol Palin DEMANDED ESPN host be SUSPENDED for Comments on Ray Rice

The incredible and despicable hypocrisy of CNN’s Carol Costello has been on full display when she laughed at the assault on Bristol Palin. Ironically, she had no problem excoriating Fox News hosts for daring to quip about the Ray Rice domestic violence assault, and oh, I just remembered how she DEMANDED that ESPN host Stephen A. Smith be SUSPENDED for saying that women shouldn’t do anything to provoke attacks by men.

Here’s the video of that:

Isn’t her LAUGHING at the attack on Bristol Palin much worse than Smith saying a woman can provoke attacks? And isn’t it weird how her black male colleague deserved to suspended EVEN AFTER APOLOGIZING for his comments, but she won’t even apologize on air?

I guess violence against women is absolutely evil – unless it’s against conservative women.

[Ed. note: Original headline said “colleague” instead of “ESPN host,” which is more accurate.]

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