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Lena Dunham Apologizes For Joking About Being a ‘Sexual Predator’ With Her Sister

It’s really nice to be vindicated when you find someone disgusting, and then later the entire world accepts that they’re kinda disgusting. Lena Dunham has been threatening to sue people for quoting her book where she talks about looking into her 1-year-old sister’s vagina when she was seven, and today she put out a statement apologizing for “trigger words” she used when she wrote her book.

From Time Mag:

Childhood sexual abuse is a life-shattering event for so many, and I have been vocal about the rights of survivors. If the situations described in my book have been painful or triggering for people to read, I am sorry, as that was never my intention. I am also aware that the comic use of the term “sexual predator” was insensitive, and I’m sorry for that as well.

If you want to read the passage from her book I have it posted here, but there are other jokes she made about her sister that creep out a lot of people.

Here are a few I found:

Now imagine if Bristol Palin said such things? Or if she were a male?

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