High School Releases Statement on ‘Reprehensible’ Racist Tweets of Pro-Ferguson Teacher

Here’s yet another story to teach us all to play nice on Twitter, and if you don’t follow that rule, make sure your employers are cool. Last night I caught onto a few people angry at a Twitter account professing to be a teacher that tweeted this incendiary language:

As I noted in the tweet, the woman made her account private after mocking her detractors repeatedly and saying she didn’t care if anyone criticized. Now, I found out her name is Vinita Hegwood and where she worked, but withheld the information until my good friend Bill at Weasel Zippers decided to post it. After many others jumped on the bandwagon to demand punishment from her school district, they tweeted this statement tonight:

Uh ohhh! Someone’s in trouble. These are not “alleged” tweets, she made those comments from her account and many others saw them, not just me. Here’s another I haven’t seen anyone else post that glorifies the thug life:

Ah well. I’m not sure that I would want someone making such blatantly racist comments teaching my kids. But I doubt they’ll take this too seriously. After all, it’s not like she’s white or anything.

UPDATE! Here are MORE controversial tweets of hers that you won’t see ANYWHERE ELSE!!

UPDATE! She’s being FIRED!!

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