Another Public School Teacher Accused of RACIST Comments on Social Media but This One is Conservative

Last weekend a public school teacher got fired for her racist comments on Twitter, referring to crackers and “niggas,” after a public furor overwhelmed the Texas school district where she works. Well there’s another Texas teacher being accused of inflammatory comments on YouTube, but elementary teacher Angela Box is conservative.

Watch the local news report below:

I watched a full episode of “Tommy’s Garage” where she is a co-host, and I didn’t really see much questionable content, except for a lot of cursing. Angela definitely uses salty language, but she’s just giving her opinion on politics. Venita Hegwood, on the other hand, made pretty explicitly racist comments.

Here’s the episode I described above:

As for being “racist,” Angela and the other white hosts were defending black conservatives Mia Love and Tim Scott from racist comments by liberals – but you didn’t see that in the report. Angela does use the term, “bacon haters” in reference to Muslims, but I dunno, isn’t that theologically accurate?

As with Venita Hegwood, it should be up to the local school parents. If they’re fine with a High School teacher calling whites “crackers” on Twitter, fine, and if they’re ok with Angela Box aggressively grabbing her breasts (on her own time) to aggravate Muslim extremists, well, that’s up to them too.

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