Media Bias

Two Politico Headlines Four Months Apart Show How Media is Helping Obama Cover up Gruber’s Involvement

One of the Democrat talking points in aid of attempting to separate themselves from the Gruber Obamacare comments is that he was not really involved in crafting the healthcare bill. Of course, that means Nancy Pelosi will look like a moron when pretending she doesn’t know who he is, and other Democrats look like hypocrites. Even Obama got in on the action!

But don’t worry liberals, the news media has got your back! Check out this awesome propaganda from Politico helping Democrats:

The very same journalist that called Gruber the architect of Obamacare writes this four months later:

Democrats are miffed that Gruber has portrayed himself as the “architect” of Obamacare. If he had stuck with being among the legion of policy and technical experts who played a role in the massive legislation, his insulting words wouldn’t have been so combustible.

If it wasn’t so pathetic, it’d be hilarious. Well, it can be both I guess.