Legal Immigrants Need to SPEAK OUT Against ILLEGAL Immigration

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New U.S. Citizens being sworn in at naturalization ceremony.

In light of Obama’s impending and illegal executive action on immigration, I think it’s time that the “conversation” about immigration include the voices of people very closely affected by the failures of our government policy – those who are trying to immigrate here LEGALLY. I pitched this idea on Twitter a few weeks ago and I got a lot of response, but I think it needs to be organized now that Obama is choosing to act unconstitutionally on immigration.

I say this for one enormous reason that is never discussed in the mainstream media as they slam Americans with dozens of sob stories about illegal aliens’ families being busted up – it is fundamentally unfair to people waiting to immigrate legally to give any kinda of legal status to those who didn’t. It is fundamentally unfair to people who live in Africa, Europe, Asia, and every where else who want to come here legally that those who happen to live nearby and are willing to break the law are now being rewarded for it.

Finally, those of us who are not immigrants but demand that our borders be enforced are smeared as “anti-immigration” when we’re simply against illegal immigration.

The stories of those legal immigrants aren’t being told at all.

So this is a call for legal immigrants and those trying to legally immigrate here to start talking about their stories and organize to speak out against illegal immigration.

If I get enough responses, if there’s enough interest, I may start a website for it.

So let me know, gringos. Also you non-gringo legal immigrants.

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