Watch This Awesome Black Guy Gets Beat Down Ferguson Protesters For Keeping Him From Work

One of the stupider actions that came out of the Ferguson protests was when all the white liberals in California scurried out of their mother’s basements to block traffic for the few San Diegans who actually work in that God-forsaken liberal utopia. Luckily there are still some residents who have sense enough when it’s time to beat a hippy.

Watch below:

And here’s an interview with Tyree Landrum afterward:

Even though he sounds like he has some sympathies with the protesters, there’s something very powerful about a black man getting angry that he can’t get to work by liberal white hipsters supposedly protesting for the sake of black people.

And in America, we reward hard workers:

Landrum’s actions struck in a chord for Ryan Fusco, a total stranger. After seeing our story, he started a YouCaring campaign to help buy Christmas presents for Landrum’s six children.

“He’s obviously doing all he can to support his family,” Fusco told 10News. “The sincerity, the passion, his willingness to stand up and do something really spoke to me.”

“I think it’s amazing. I think it’s a blessing,” Landrum said.

Well, that’s just cool.

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[Ed. Note: We mistakenly identified him as being in Los Angeles in a previous version. We regret the error.]