Sometimes it’s really hard to say anything that describes the horror felt at some headlines. This is one:

From the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

A 32-year-old man was beaten to death with hammers by at least two teens early Sunday morning on Itaska Street.

The victim was identified as Zemir Begic, 32, of the 4200 block of Miami Street. He had injuries to his head, abdomen, face and mouth. He was taken to St. Louis University Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Police said Begic was in his vehicle in the 4200 block of Itaska about 1:15 a.m. when several juveniles approached on foot and began damaging it. Begic got out and the juveniles began yelling at him and striking him with hammers. Two male juveniles, 16 and 15, were taken into custody.

Rest in Peace, Zemir, and roast in hell, whoever did this to him.

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Watch This Awesome Black Guy Gets Beat Down Ferguson Protesters For Keeping Him From Work

One of the stupider actions that came out of the Ferguson protests was when all the white liberals in California scurried out of their mother’s basements to block traffic for the few San Diegans who actually work in that God-forsaken liberal utopia. Luckily there are still some residents who have sense enough when it’s time to beat a hippy.

Watch below:

And here’s an interview with Tyree Landrum afterward:

Even though he sounds like he has some sympathies with the protesters, there’s something very powerful about a black man getting angry that he can’t get to work by liberal white hipsters supposedly protesting for the sake of black people.

And in America, we reward hard workers:

Landrum’s actions struck in a chord for Ryan Fusco, a total stranger. After seeing our story, he started a YouCaring campaign to help buy Christmas presents for Landrum’s six children.

“He’s obviously doing all he can to support his family,” Fusco told 10News. “The sincerity, the passion, his willingness to stand up and do something really spoke to me.”

“I think it’s amazing. I think it’s a blessing,” Landrum said.

Well, that’s just cool.

Watch Obama Get Really Annoyed at Heckler Disrupting His Imperial Moment to Celebrate Amnesty!

[Ed. Note: We mistakenly identified him as being in Los Angeles in a previous version. We regret the error.]

MSNBC producer is REALLY ANGRY that Star Wars doesn’t have racial representation, and Jar Jar Binks is black

If you’re looking for the definition of a liberal it’s someone who is so miserable that they have to politicize every thing in life to bring their empty life some semblance of meaning. Enter the producer for the most worthless show on MSNBC, the Melissa Harris Perry craphole. Jamil Smith decided he would ruin the new Star Wars trailer by whining about the absence of black people in it or something:

“Corrupt politician” apparently refers to Lando Calrissian?! He betrayed his friends, but that doesn’t mean he was corrupt – that could have been the best option for the Cloud City. C’mon dude.

After being schooled on Twitter on Samuel L. Jackson’s performance as Mace Windu, he relented a little bit:

SO somehow Jar Jar Binks was black? What? Lemme check again:

Er… no he looks pretty pasty with twinges of pink. You idiot.

Well, as a very clever Mexican on Twitter said…

But he kept on with his idiocy:

I haven’t seen anyone complain about the black stormtrooper but if there are, that isn’t any less “imaginative” than some idiot whining that there aren’t enough brothers in a galaxy a long time ago and far far away.

Now, on the other hand… there really aren’t ANY Mexicans in Star Wars at ALL.. just sayin…

Vermont Cancels Contract With Jon Gruber; Loses Out on $290,000

After Ferguson Decision, Blacks Infuriated At ‘Uncle Tom’ ‘B**ch A$$ N**ga’ Obama

If you thought the voters expressed their anger at Obama in the midterms, you should see some of the bilious anger that some blacks tweeted at him after his speech in response to the Ferguson Grand Jury decision. They were not happy. [Caution, “colorful” language ahead]

…and here’s one for uncle Joe Biden too!

As much as conservatives think that Obama has gone all out to encourage race-baiting, I think this shows that he could do a lot worse, which is why these people are so disappointed.

Read more Sooper coverage of Ferguson here

Vine Video of Gunfire in Ferguson

There are reports of gunfire in Ferguson right now, some say it’s automatic fire.

Here’s a vine of gunfire:

But it might be the sound of teargas exploding:

Previous Ferguson stories:

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This guy exercising his 2nd Amendment right to defend his store in Ferguson is AWESOME

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Peaceful Ferguson Protesters Destroying Police Car [Vine]

Here we go… get your lootin’ shoes on!

Americans Oppose Executive Action on Immigration, But Obama Is Going to Do It ANYWAY

Watch Obama Get Really Annoyed at Heckler Disrupting His Imperial Moment to Celebrate Amnesty!

I’m sure everyone is gonna feel really sorry for poor Emperor Obama as he got tripped up by an illegal alien advocate who heckled him while he tried to celebrate his imperious moment defying Congress and imposing amnesty on the American people.

Watch below:


Awww poor fella! LOL! He must be really angry that some peon “fruit-picker” (as he said last night in his speech) would dare interrupt his imperial address!

Two Politico Headlines Four Months Apart Show How Media is Helping Obama Cover up Gruber’s Involvement

Legal Immigrants Need to SPEAK OUT Against ILLEGAL Immigration

New U.S. Citizens being sworn in at naturalization ceremony.

In light of Obama’s impending and illegal executive action on immigration, I think it’s time that the “conversation” about immigration include the voices of people very closely affected by the failures of our government policy – those who are trying to immigrate here LEGALLY. I pitched this idea on Twitter a few weeks ago and I got a lot of response, but I think it needs to be organized now that Obama is choosing to act unconstitutionally on immigration.

I say this for one enormous reason that is never discussed in the mainstream media as they slam Americans with dozens of sob stories about illegal aliens’ families being busted up – it is fundamentally unfair to people waiting to immigrate legally to give any kinda of legal status to those who didn’t. It is fundamentally unfair to people who live in Africa, Europe, Asia, and every where else who want to come here legally that those who happen to live nearby and are willing to break the law are now being rewarded for it.

Finally, those of us who are not immigrants but demand that our borders be enforced are smeared as “anti-immigration” when we’re simply against illegal immigration.

The stories of those legal immigrants aren’t being told at all.

So this is a call for legal immigrants and those trying to legally immigrate here to start talking about their stories and organize to speak out against illegal immigration.

If I get enough responses, if there’s enough interest, I may start a website for it.

So let me know, gringos. Also you non-gringo legal immigrants.

Other stories on immigration:

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WOW! Chris Matthews ADMITS Rush Limbaugh is RIGHT about Dems’ plan to LIE about Immigration enforcement!

Vermont Cancels Contract With Jon Gruber; Loses Out on $290,000

It looks like Gruber’s comments are coming back to bite him on the Obama – one state that has a contract with the MIT economist is stopping payment after he admitted Obamacare was written deceptively to fool “stupid American voters.”

From Watchdog.org:

The state of Vermont has stopped payment on the contract of Jonathan Gruber following a series of video statements showing the Obamacare architect repeatedly insulting voters and intentionally misleding the public in the crafting of the Affordable Care Act.

On Wednesday, Lawrence Miller, chief of health care reform for the Gov. Peter Shumlin administration, announced that Vermont would stop payment of Gruber’s $450,000 contract with the state.

As of this week, Vermont has paid Gruber $160,000 on a contract that began July 21 and was expected to continue until Feb. 15.

Miller said Gruber, an MIT economist, will provide all deliverables specified in the contract for the upcoming January presentation of Shumlin’s financing plan for single-payer health care to the Legislature. He will not receive any additional payments.

If only elections had the same consequences as YouTube videos, maybe Obama wouldn’t be a totalitarian dictator.

Obama’s Response to Controversial Comments by Obamacare ‘Architect’ is LAUGHABLE

Secret Service Arrests Crazy Guy At White House For Possession of Rifle and Ammunition

If these details are right, this guy just sounds like he might be off his rocker. From CBS news White House correspondent Mark Knoller:

At least this time they weren’t asleep or watching porn while the guy waltzed into the White House. Or did he??!

 Another Public School Teacher Accused of RACIST Comments on Social Media but This One is Conservative

Americans Oppose Executive Action on Immigration, But Obama Is Going to Do It ANYWAY

I honestly didn’t think Obama would do it because I knew Americans were mostly against immigration reform by executive action, but it looks like it’s gonna happen anyway. From MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell:

By the way that’s not a majority, Andrea, that’s a plurality, estuped. Anyway… it looks like his executive order will extend amnesty to about 5 million illegal aliens. He can’t grant them citizenship but he can just ignore the law and not prosecute them for being here illegally. So what will happen then?

  1. Wages for poor and poorly educated Americans will drop as they compete with newly legalized immigrants.
  2. Newly legalized immigrants will have to be paid the minimum wage which means other illegals will flood in to take the jobs they’re leaving.
  3. In a few years, they’ll start demanding full citizenship, because now they’re “second class citizens.”
  4. Not all, but many newly legalized immigrants will probably be eligible for more welfare, taxing the social safety net.
  5. Meanwhile, illegal alien advocates are still pushing for no deportations AT ALL.

But the biggest change is just how the executive branch can just ignore the law. This completely changes the government. Gabriel Malor and Charles C.W. Cooke debate that issue here very well.

It’s not hard to see that Thomas Sowell was right – this Republic will not survive Obama’s second term. The American experiment is over, it’s just gonna take a decade to play itself out.

Ted Cruz Has the Best Taylor Swift-Based Supercut Video of Gruber’s Obamacare Insults EVER

D’oh! SO Here’s a VIDEO of Obama Admitting He STOLE IDEAS From Jon Gruber!!

It doesn’t get better than this.

That’s the guy that said Obamacare was written to deceive “stupid American voters,” and of whom Obama just said he was just “some adviser” who didn’t help write the bill. Why you gotta lie, Obama, why you gots to lie?!?

 Ted Cruz Has the Best Taylor Swift-Based Supercut Video of Gruber’s Obamacare Insults EVER

Two Politico Headlines Four Months Apart Show How Media is Helping Obama Cover up Gruber’s Involvement

One of the Democrat talking points in aid of attempting to separate themselves from the Gruber Obamacare comments is that he was not really involved in crafting the healthcare bill. Of course, that means Nancy Pelosi will look like a moron when pretending she doesn’t know who he is, and other Democrats look like hypocrites. Even Obama got in on the action!

But don’t worry liberals, the news media has got your back! Check out this awesome propaganda from Politico helping Democrats:

The very same journalist that called Gruber the architect of Obamacare writes this four months later:

Democrats are miffed that Gruber has portrayed himself as the “architect” of Obamacare. If he had stuck with being among the legion of policy and technical experts who played a role in the massive legislation, his insulting words wouldn’t have been so combustible.

If it wasn’t so pathetic, it’d be hilarious. Well, it can be both I guess.

Obama’s Response to Controversial Comments by Obamacare ‘Architect’ is LAUGHABLE

You can always count on Ed Henry of Fox News to give the otherwise lick-spittle press a modicum of respectability as he was the only reporter courageous enough to challenge President Obama on the scandalous admissions by Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber. Obama’s response is laughably predictable!

Watch below:

LOL! Does this sound familiar?

1) “I just learned about this,” is this scandal’s “I read about it in the newspapers!”

2) Gruber is “some advisor who never worked on our staff,” but before Democrats loved to quote the guy, and he was regularly called the “architect” of Obamacare.

3) What, Obama lie? The guy who made the bald-faced life “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor,” repeatedly to win an election is now shocked, shocked I tell you, that anyone would dare insinuate that they lied to the American people in the additional way Gruber is admitting to, just to get it passed!

The only thing sadder and more pathetic than this sorry excuse for a president is how the rest of the press covers for the guy…