Ferguson Protesters Deliver Ridiculous ‘Eviction Notice’ to Cops, Storm Police Station

The stupidity of the Ferguson protesters is truly boundless. Their latest stunt is to deliver an “eviction notice” to St. Louis police as if they could exist without the police.

Here’s video of the morons “storming” the police department:

Here are some pictures from Twitter:

Seriously stupid.

Now what do you think would actually happen to Ferguson if police actually left the community alone to it’s own devices? I have a feeling most of these protesters don’t own a business, and I’m sure many don’t even hold a job. The police offer a critical service to the community – they keep law and order so that people can live and work and thrive.

But when you’re just a mindless idiot protester you really think that looters and gangbangers are better for a community than police.

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