Pendejo On MSNBC Actually Says a Lawsuit By a Christian Is The SAME As Islamists Murdering 12 People

We all knew it was coming – liberals just can’t help make excuses for extremist Islam by screaming, “Christians do it tooo!” But Eric Bates, the executive editor of First Look Media, really took one for the team when he made the absolutely stupidest comparison of Jerry Falwell suing a pornographer for slander to terrorist scum murdering 12 people.

Watch this dumbass below:

I didn’t realize that MSNBC was scouring mental facilities for guests, but wow, Bates must be the crazy cream of the crop! Of course a guy suing in a court of law is just the same as Islamist murderers because after all, they’re just “religious fundamentalists” of different stripes!

Apparently the moron can’t conceive of the difference between Muslims murdering because we offended their “prophet,” and Jerry Falwell suing for slander, which has absolutely nothing to do with religion other than he happens to be Christian and was targeted for mockery because of his faith.

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