BREAKING: ANOTHER Shooting in Paris, Officers Wounded by Man in Bullet-Proof Vest Who Escaped

Yet another shooting has been reported in the South of Paris, France, with reports of police officers wounded and the perpetrator getting away.

Latest update:

A female police officer has reportedly died of her injuries after her and a colleague were shot in southern Paris this morning, less than 24 hours after the gun attack on the satirical magazine.

Two men with assault rifles wounded two local police officers, incuding a woman, after their car was involved in a road accident. One of the gunmen was reported to have been arrested. The other fled.

A car believed to belong to the gunman has reportedly been found by police around two-and-a-half miles from the scene.

From the Telegraph:

08.17 Television station iTELE said two police officers were lying on the ground after the attack. At least one officer has been seriously injured and one alleged gunman has been arrested, French media say.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve is rushing to the scene of the incident, near Porte de Chatillon in the south of the French capital.

08.11 We’re getting the first pictures from the scene of the new Paris shooting this morning.

Images show emergency medics and firefighters taking an injured person away on a stretcher near the site of the shootout in Montrouge.

From the Local France:

09:06 – Interior Minister on his way to scene of second shooting

 France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve is on his way to the Porte de Montrouge in the south of Paris, where a man wearing a bullet proof vest opened fire on police this morning. We are hearing, the man, was carrying a kalashnikov and walked up behind police, who were dealing with a traffic accident and opened fire. Two officers are injured.

 It’s believed  the suspect was later arrested, although this has not been confirmed.

 09:00 – More on the shooting to the south of Paris

 We are hearing that one the injured police officers is having emergency life saving treatment after the shooting. It appears they tried to arrest a man who was wearing a bullet proof vest. We are watching images from BFM TV showing an ambulance taking the two men to hospital.

 The suspect has been arrested .He wa reportedly carrying two guns.

 Obviously these are early reports and things can change. No link as of yet to Charlie Hebdo attack, but even if there’s no link, there’s a chance it may be an act inspired by what happened yesterday.

 08:50 – BREAKING NEWS – Shooting to the south of Paris

 Reports on Thursday say two police officers have been injured in a shooting in the town of Montrouge, just to the south of Paris. (SEE MAP) No confirmation yet, whether or not the shooting is linked to the Charlie Hebdo attack.

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