Media Bias

My #JeSuisCharlie Cartoon…

There’s a lot of #JeSuisCharlie cartoons being posted praising the power of art and satire, and minimizing the power of terrorism. They’re very poignant. But a day later, after so many news outlets have decided to NOT run the controversial Charlie Hebdo cartoons, here’s my contribution:


The @RedSteeze pointed out how many of these news figures mocked and ridiculed Sony when they initially decided not to distribute their movie, “the Interview” that offended North Korea:

But then they backed down when called upon to post the Charlie Hebdo cartoons that offended Muslims. Kinda ironic, huh? I think this goes hand in hand with their being the ingrateful beneficiaries of others who actually defend their right to free speech to the death, like the military, for instance. And yet they’re often the most vocal about the “right” of the free press and the “power” of free speech.

Well, there might be a sense in which the pen really is mightier than the sword, but there’s also a very tangible sense in which we won’t be defeating the threat of Islam with cartoons, but with guns.

Oh by the way, here’s my offensive Muhammad cartoons from 2010.

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