‘Ridicule is The Best Response, NEVER Use Violence’ – Militant Atheist Richard Dawkins is Pacifist About ISLAM

This is rather surprising. The vociferous atheist Richard Dawkins went on a mini-rant about Islam, but while still maintained his quest to obliterate all religion on Earth, he was rather pacificist about it:

Uhm… violence is “never” the best response? What if you were one of the cartoonists that was about to be slaughtered by a satanic terrorist? Is “ridicule” the better answer in that instance?

Critics of the Iraq War only look at the consequences, and never consider how bad things might be if we didn’t go in there. Would NO response to the 9/11 attacks have been better? It’s easy to criticize when things go wrong, especially when you don’t offer an alternative. But “ridicule” in place of violence when you’re being threatened with violence seems like a simplistic, if not downright stupid policy.

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