Liberal Comic Causes OUTRAGE When he Tells Liberals to Stop Raging So Much

One of the more enjoyable things to witness on Twitter is when a card-carrying liberal is suddenly set upon by the vicious bitter foaming-at-the-mouth mob when they dare to moderate just a teeny tiny bit.

You would think comedian Patton Oswalt had announced he was joining the KKK, marrying Hitler and digging up Susan B. Anthony’s body to spit on it, because liberals went craaaaazy! [I’ll define the obscure terms used that normal sane people don’t know.]

“Cis” stands for “cisgender,” which is what transsexuals want normal people to start calling themselves instead of normal.

“PoC” is the preferred way of saying minority these days, and stands for “person of color.”

Ahhh feminists and liberals, you’re so extremist these days you’re just entertaining now! Don’t ever change, just stab at each other and devour yourselves in a pathetic orgy of your own hateful bilious anger. We’ll document it, point and laugh!

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