Witnesses Who Recorded Paris Attack Were Mocking the Police As They Were Being Shot

Today, a new video came out that shows a different angle of the Kouachi brothers after the Charlie Hebdo attack. After listening and watching the video numerous times, I was slightly perplexed by what I was hearing, not from the Kouachi brothers, but from those filming the video.

Watch below:

For starters, there seem to be three distinguishable voices and a conversation amongst the men who are recording the video of what is unfolding. I have tried to the best of my ability to pick up on what was being said, and the context is relatively troubling and confusing.

The Kouachi brothers are chanting their slogans in the beginning of the video in which they say threetimes, “we had vengeance for the prophet Mohammad.” While they are chanting this, those who are filming the video are relatively close in proximity to the terrorists and a conversation amongst them unfolds. They are watching the terrorists and talking relatively loudly. I do not know about you, but if terrorists who had just senselessly slaughtered people were outside my window I probably wouldn’t be conversing out in the open that loudly, nor would I want to be anywhere within view.

The Kouachi brothers then get in the car to head down the street, and those who are watching and filming this event are still conversing. Someone says “This is France,” and shortly thereafter someone says “Hey, come on, those are fake rounds?!” Again, I had to listen to the audio many times because it comes off as very strange to me, and it is hard to understand. These two sentences did not sound completely French, but mixed with what sounds like North African Arabic. When there is mention of the “fake” or “dummy rounds” it is not said in a quiet, soft spoken tone of voice, it is practically shouted as the men watching are conversing.

Up until this point, they have remained relatively calm and they do not seem to be fearful of two barbaric terrorists that just committed mass murder. Their tone comes off as nonchalant, cold, and casual which is diametrically opposed to how most would act in a situation like this. They are in VERY close proximity to two crazed terrorists armed with Kalashnikovs and other weapons.

Lastly, the Kouachi brothers travel down the street as a police car is coming towards them and they start to shoot at the cops. At 1:16 during the video one of the men watching can be heard saying “Aya ya yay les flics la comment il s’ont fait enculer/reculer la!” Les flics is a slang term for police/cops but is not necessarily a derogatory term. Enculer is a slang term which usually translates to ass, or the f word depending on its placement, and reculer means to reverse, back up or retreat. This was said when the cop was under gunfire from the Kouachi brothers, and the cop began to reverse to get away from the situation.

As the Kouachi brothers are shooting at the cops in the car those watching and recording the video are mocking the cops for retreating, and being chickens/cowards under gunfire. You can also hear some laughter amongst them towards the very end of the video.

So who are these guys and why does it sound like they might have some complicity with the murders, or at least some sympathy? Hopefully French authorities are looking into it.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to frequent SooperPodcast guest @ItsMoi_Merry for this special guest post.
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