Second Day of Outrage in Niger Against Charlie Hebdo Cartoons Kills 4, Seven Churches Torched

The “Religion of Peace” isn’t terribly upset about French cartoonists and others being massacred in the name of Muhammad, but it is terribly angry that Charlie Hebdo printed more cartoons of their prophet.

From Yahoo News:

A day after five people were killed in Niger in protests over the cartoons, protesters in Niamey attacked a police station and burned at least two police cars near the main mosque after authorities banned a meeting called by local Muslim leaders. Police responded with teargas.

“They offended our Prophet Mohammed. That’s what we didn’t like,” said Amadou Abdoul Ouahab, who took part in the demonstration. “This is the reason why we have asked Muslims to come, so that we can explain this to them, but the state refused. That’s why we’re angry today.”
Demonstrations were also reported in regional towns, including Maradi, 600 km (375 miles) east of Niamey, where two churches were burned. Another church and a residence of the foreign minister were burned in the eastern town of Goure

From RT:

Police fired tear gas as hundreds of Niger Muslims came out to yet again protest Charlie Hebdo’s satirical cartoons targeting Islam. Several Christian churches have been set on fire by rioting crowds in Niger, as the world sees a second day of rallies.

Niger, a former French colony, has been gripped by Charlie Hebdo-fueled violence since Friday, when a protest rally in front of a French cultural center led to deadly clashes in which three protesters and a police officer were killed.

On Saturday, Niger police again used tear gas against at least 1,000 aggressive young demonstrators in the capital, Niamey, who burned tires and pelted the security troops with stones. At least two police cars were burned out as the angry crowd retaliated against a decision to ban a march organized by local Muslim leaders.

This is really odd because all the liberal Muslims appearing on Western newsmedia keep assuring us that the Koran doesn’t say representing Muhammad is blasphemous. I guess these guys don’t watch MSNBC.

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