Michael Steele Manages to Stupidly Compare American Evangelical Christians to Parisian Terrorists

Michael Steele continues to mystify conservatives as to how he could ever have possibly been the head of the RNC and today he added to his embarrassing oeuvre. This time he decided to compare the evil satanic Paris terrorist murderers to American Evangelicals.

Watch below:

Ironically, and seemingly unbeknownst to Steele, “Charlie Hebdo” actually published some really obscene and blasphemous cartoons about the Christian God, which you can easily find on the internet, but I don’t see any Christians firebombing and shooting up their offices, or actually protesting at all.. Further the analogy just falls apart because Muslims in Pakistan are protesting against cartoons in France, while Steele thinks it seems to matter if the cartoons were drawn in America, because I guess Christians here don’t have as much access to the internet as Pakistanis, right?

Yeah, just kind of stupid all the way around.

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