Media Bias

ABSURD: USA Today’s Social Media SOTU Review LOVES Everything About Obama, Mocks Republicans

This review of the social media from the “State of the Union” address from USA Today was so biased that it could have been composed by the White House. They practically climax over every liberal tweet or act, never cite any criticism from the right, but show a mocking tweet against Republican Joni Ernst with hardly any praise at all.

Watch below:

But I’m sure it was just a coincidence and not an accurate manifestation of their lack of objectivity… oh wait.. here’s Ryan Carey-Mahoney, USA Today’s “social media producer:”

And interviewer Junius Randolph, USA Today’s “multimedia intern:”

These two idiots wet themselves over Obama and didn’t give Republicans a fair chance? Who says the media is biased?

Ryan Carey-Mahoney

I have a strong feeling these two will have long careers of kissing the asses of Obama and any other commie liberal.

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