Media Bias

AP ‘Fact Check’ and USA Today ‘Reality Check’ Shows How Media Manipulates to Support an Agenda

The Associated Press put out a quick video explaining three glaring deceptions in Obama’s State of the Union speech that didn’t quite tell the entire story on certain political policies. It’s a good one.

Watch below:

Here they are summarized:

1) On the economy, Obama touts the improvements, but ignores that most of the jobs “created” are very low paying jobs which explains why wages haven’t recouped from before the downturn.

2) Obama says he has a plan to make Community College “free,” but nothing is free – it’s going to cost $60 billion, and that’s going to come out of the taxpayer’s pocket and the economy one way or another. Further, it’s not going to be free for everyone, just those chosen by government’s whim.

3) Obama tries to tout his “soft power,” but the AP points out that we’re actually not providing our supposed allies with the support they’re demanding. What he doesn’t mention is that ISIS might have been limited in Iraq, they’ve continued to expand in Syria. And extremist elements are encouraging Islamist attacks against our Western allies. SO much for “soft power.”

Yeah, it’s only three and I’m sure there were more, but at least they were honest about these.

Now compare USA Today’s very similar “reality check” on Obama’s promises:

They hit many of the same issues, but in analyzing his “promises,” they continually blame Republicans for why his utopian ideals just won’t be allowed to bless the American public. It’s a pretty clever bit of pro-Obama propaganda that subtly advances his agenda.

And if you want even more evidence that USA Today has their heads solidly stuck up their Obamas, just watch their ridiculous “social media” analysis of the SOTU speech.

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