St. Louis PD Releases Video of DOZENS of Ferguson LOOTERS of Indeterminate Race STREAMING Into Store

The white male patriarchy forced dozens of innocent Ferguson protesters to break through the door of a boarded up store and stream into capitalist-occupied business to gently receive the racial reparations they are so sorely deserving of.

Watch below:

We at the Right Scoop blog assure that having a certain nameless community with 70% of children born into fatherless homes has absolutely nothing to do with criminal behavior like looting in later life. We blame Bush, the white man, transfats, and the Jews. Of course, this is all immaterial as the looters are of an indeterminate race.

Except for the “anonymous” guy wearing the “V for Vendetta” mask, he’s definitely white:


On the other hand, nearly everyone else is wearing what looks like the same kind of hoodie… where they all at a Trayvon Martin look-alike convention or something?

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