Newspeak Update! Illegal Aliens Called ‘Undocumented CITIZENS’ by Newspaper

George Orwell would be proud by the linguistic hoops of fire our political tormenters try to make us jump through in order to control our thoughts and bend us to their agenda. Their newest is to ridiculously refer to illegal aliens, who they admit are here illegally, as “undocumented citizens.”

Here’s a screenshot of the idiotic headline:

des moines undocumented

How the hell do you call someone who is here illegally any kind of citizen at all? It’s absurd and laughable.

I reached out to the “journalist” with a polite inquiry about the headline:

Feel free to berate the guy yourself, if you like.

If someone who is here illegally is simply an “undocumented citizen,” doesn’t that mean basically everyone in the world is a citizen of America? Pathetic.

[h/t @TabithaBliss]

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