Hatred Spewed at Texas Lawmaker For Asking ‘Texas Muslim Capitol Day’ Attendees to Renounce Terrorism

Conservative Republican Texas Representative Molly White offended every liberal who admires Shariah law by asking the attendees of the “Texas Muslim Capitol Day” to renounce terrorism and pledge allegiance to American and our laws. Wow, that’s pretty racist except Islam isn’t a race.

Here’s her entire statement from Facebook:

OH boy, those multicultural shariah-loving liberals just freaked out! Molly White is significantly lowering their fervent hopes of proving that diversity works by stretching out their necks for the scimitar of radical Islam to strike at.

Sounds like “iPad Goober” is a Islamic theologian.

There’s no way I can prove all these people are liberals, but I’m sure many of them are. After all they’re just showing the “diversity of thought” and “tolerance” that today’s left shows to their fellow Americans.

This is was the same rally where a Christian counter-protester grabbed the mic and pronounced that Muhammad is a false prophet. Good times.

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