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ANOTHER Brian Williams Katrina Fabrication in 2 Videos: Says He SAW a Suicide He Later Says He Only HEARD About

ANOTHER SooperMexyScoop!! Thanks to the investigatory powers of our gringo intern @SaintRPH, we were able to discover this lie Brian Williams made to his NBC News predecessor Tom Brokaw. In this clip he says that he, and everyone he was with, saw a man commit suicide:

The entire video is available here in my previous exclusive finding. Here, in a half hour special from the Sundance Channel about Katrina, Brian Williams says this: “The living conditions in the Superdome went from grim to untenable, unlivable, very quickly. We’d heard the story of a man killing himself, falling from the upper deck.”

Now why would we say in one video that he only heard secondhand what he saw in the other?

Obviously Brian Williams is exaggerating to impress his mentor Tom Brokaw, but this shows a pattern of lying that NBC News has to take seriously.

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