WOW! Brian Williams’ MENTOR Tom Brokaw KNEW the Story Was False, Wants Him FIRED!

I just saw that the Daily Beast cited my story and is questioning NBC Nightly News about it, but in the meantime, this has really gotta hurt Williams:

You know you’re in trouble when Tom Brokaw is out for your blood.

NBC’s most revered journalist is furious that Brian Williams is still in the anchor chair after he sheepishly admitted he hadn’t traveled on a helicopter hit by enemy fire.

“Brokaw wants Williams’ head on a platter,” an NBC source said. “He is making a lot of noise at NBC that a lesser journalist or producer would have been immediately fired or suspended for a false report.”

But what’s worse is that Brokaw KNEW the story was false:

“Tom Brokaw and [former NBC News President] Steve Capus knew this was a false story for a long time and have been extremely uncomfortable with it,” the source said.

NBC News execs had counseled him to stop telling the tale.

If that’s the case, why did he only care about it now when it was revealed and not the countless times Williams lied about it?

If the NBC Nightly News producers are reading this and will be looking for an anchor with some integrity soon, give me a call, I”ll dry clean the mask for television.

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