Media Bias

‘I was in the SAME HOTEL as Brian Williams During Katrina’ – Eyewitness Says Anchor is ‘Full of Crap’

Might as well throw this into the great big bag of Brian Williams insanity. Twitter user @I_Hate_Hippies (I like him already) claims to have been in the same hotel as Brian Williams, and his account conflicts with Williams’ tall tales significantly:

I’ve posted my doubts about the hotel not being flooded, but his mockery of the “gangs” that threatened Williams certainly fit with my suspicions that he made it up.


I exchanged messages with the witness, asking about which hotel he was referring to, and the one shown in his pictures is the Hyatt at the Superdome, which he says Brian Williams stayed at when he first arrived. However, he says the hotel he might have moved to would have been less than a mile away.

Also, he adds:

This is in answer to Williams’ claim that he suffered from dysentery for three days after some of the flood water slipped into his water bottle. Others have said that there was not ONE case of dysentery in that entire time, so he would have been the only one, or he’s lying.

And also:

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