‘Random’ Comment From Vox Interview Is Now a PR Nightmare For President Buzzfeed

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The supposedly brilliant PR team at Obama central are making a complete mess out of what was supposed to be an easy interview with their adoring fanboys at VOX. For an administration that is purely an act of Public Relations, it’s really bizarre how they’ve shot themselves in the foot.

Here’s how it’s unfolded.

First Obama said during the interview that Jews were murdered by terrorists “randomly:”

Great job, moron. Now all you had to do is walk back the comments, very easy. Instead, Press Secretary Earnest screws it up even more!

Wow. Why can’t they just say that an attack by Islamists on a Jewish Deli was simply animated by anti-Semitism? Is that really so hard to admit? Apparently it is because the State Department had to put together their crack team of emergency Twitter experts to clarify by composing this response:

Finally! Oh wait, that’s kind of a lie, because she already defended Obama’s “random” comment and did some dancing of her OWN to try to keep from saying the dreaded “a-word”:

Yeah, not so clear at all, really.

Why is this administration so averse to what is obvious to everyone else? Just amazing. And this from what should have been a ridiculously easy interview for Obama. Wasn’t this supposed to be the most brilliant Public Relations President ever or something?

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