Here Are 22 Times Obama Said Ordering Amnesty By Executive Order Would Be Unconstitutional

The media is all in a tizzy over trying to indoctrinate the American public into thinking that Republicans are being unreasonable in their opposition to Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty by executive action. But if you have someone trying to debate with you that it’s actually constitutional, it might help to show them this video of Obama himself saying it’s illegal for him to do what he did!

Watch below:

There’s a reason that he said it was unconstitutional 21 times – he knew then and he knows now that the Executive branch isn’t supposed to write law, it’s supposed to enforce it. And that’s exactly the reasoning that is being used in the lawsuit led by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, which actually uses Obama’s own words to argue their case.

But President Buzzfeed doesn’t let a little thing like the Constitution or his own words keep him from pandering to illegal aliens.

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