Unbelievable: New Testimony Reveals IRS WITHHELD Documents That Would Have Led to MORE LERNER EMAILS

The Obama strategy for doing away with scandals is fairly obvious – they just deflect and lie until the story is so old nobody cares that they lied. That’s why it’s taken so long to get IRS officials to admit they withheld documents that would have led to more Lois Lerner emails being discovered.

Watch the amazing video of the revelation below:

From the Washington Times:

The IRS belatedly told Congress it may have lost some of Ms. Lerner’s emails after her computer crashed, and asserted that the backup tapes didn’t exist.

But under questioning from Mr. Chaffetz, Mr. Camus said it took him only two weeks to track down the backup tapes, and when he asked the IRS depository for them, the workers there said they’d never been contacted by the agency itself.

Republicans said that was stunning because IRS Commissioner John Koskinen repeatedly assured Congress the emails were irretrievably lost.

“I think they have misled or lied to the committee,” said Rep. John L. Mica, Florida Republican.

Mr. Camus said they were clued in to the 424 new tapes they just found a couple of weeks ago after realizing the IRS hadn’t given over a key document. They demanded that document, and realized it showed hundreds of other tapes existed.

Just amazing.

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