Hillary Clinton FINALLY Addresses Email Scandal With ONE TWEET

hillary emails

After being destroyed in the media by both right and left, the HildeBeast (as Michelle Obama calls her), finally addressed the email scandal blowing up in her face. And she did it with just one tweet:

This is actually fairly brilliant. It allows the compliant Hillary-loving media to say “see! She’s coming clean!” when she’s had six whole years to delete any email that might have gotten her in trouble.

Whatever she releases has already been scrubbed of anything that might be deleterious to her reputation.

If she were honest, she would give investigators full access to her accounts to try to salvage any evidence of deleted emails. No matter what, she can’t ever prove that she didn’t keep State Department emails away from the American public because she had a private email server and they could be deleted without any trace.


The State Department assures us that everything is all right and we can go back to watching the Kardashians:

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