The New York Times CROPS OUT George W. Bush From Their SELMA Front Page Picture

The totally objective and completely unbiased New York Times made sure that their readers didn’t see George W. Bush and Laura attend the Selma 50th Anniversary by awkwardly cutting them out of their front page picture.

It would have been very easy to leave in the other side of the picture with Dubya in it, but then they’d be destroying the narrative that no Republicans went to Selma:

Of course there were more than 20 Republicans there, but the Democrats need to win an election, so the press will make sure to push their agenda items and narratives as much as possible.

And if you’d like to pester the editor of the Times, email her at “margaret.sullivan@nytimes.com” (I encourage you to be polite in asking her why they would so blatantly cut Bush out, however).


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