Out of a BILLION Emails Sent by State Dept, Only 41k Documented

An OIG (Office of Inspector General) report shows a shocking ratio of reported or documented emails to the number of those being sent out.

From DiploPundit:

State/OIG did a review (pdf) of the Department’s State Messaging and Archive Retrieval Toolset (SMART) and Record Email in Washington, DC, between January 24 and March 15, 2014. According to the OIG, in 2013, Department employees created 41,749 record emails. These statistics are similar to numbers from 2011, when Department employees created 61,156 record emails out of more than a billion emails sent. Department officials have noted that many emails that qualify as records are not being saved as record emails.

DiploPundit goes on to summarize the many reasons why this is so and what other results were found in the study.

That means about one out of every 25 THOUSAND emails was reported. Does that bring up a ton of questions? If they’re sending 25 thousand emails that aren’t reported and documented, what the hell is in those emails? Are they all personal emails about yoga like Hillary said? At the least they’re wasting our tax money by wasting their time on the job, and at worst there’s some real shenanigans going on at the State Department.

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