What Eric Snowden Taught Hillary’s Staff About How To Clear Devices of Electronic Information

Thanks to the investigative abilities of Stephen Miller, we now know that there’s probably not a lot of hope of recovering all those emails that Hillary Clinton most likely destroyed to cover her tracks.

From Politico in April of last year:

[ACLU legal adviser to Snowden] Wizner said Snowden knew how to clear electronic devices of information and prevent interception by foreign governments, because he used to show Clinton’s diplomats how to do just that when he worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency. “There’s no one more expert in the U.S. Government on that than him,” the lawyer said.

Well that’s just wonderful. Hillary Clinton, as conniving and paranoid as she is, probably is making sure right that there’s no way those 32,000 emails she deleted are recovered. And we’re all supposed to act like there’s nothing wrong about this and not connect it to the $6 billion lost at the State Dept. under her leadership, or the really weird war she got us into despite objections by the Pentagon and Democrats, or the unethical contributions by foreign governments to the Clinton Foundation. Nothing to see here, right?

Hillary ADMITS She Deleted Emails But WILL NOT Turn Over Server