BREAKING: Punk Arrested for Ferguson Police Shooting Said He LOOTED Over Mike Brown Shooting on FB

Ferguson protest defenders are busily trying to say that the shooting of two policemen had nothing to do with the Mike Brown protests, but this Facebook posting by the man arrested for the shooting today says otherwise:

ferguson looter 03

According to my rusty ghetto memory, “mfs” stands for the insult “m***erf**kers.” West Florissant is where much of the looting and protesting was centered In Ferguson.

Now of course, he could be joking, but this proves at least that the Ferguson protests were something he knew about and might have participated in.

He also posted this reenactment video of the Mike Brown shooting:

ferguson looter 01

Finally here he is bragging about how easy it is to kill someone:

ferguson looter 02

Is this enough to prove he purposely tried to kill two policemen over the Mike Brown shooting? Let me know what you think.

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