Where in the World is Vladimir Putin?


A new mystery has emerged around the Russian strongman president and former KGB agent – where the heck is he?! He hasn’t been seen for nine days, Moscow won’t comment on his absence. Further, there were rumors of his health failing earlier, while others are saying there was a stealth coup and he’s been toppled from power!

Another possibility – he ran off with his hot girlfriend who is rumored to have given birth to a baby Pootey Poot (as Bush nicknamed him).

Then there’s this:

But also:

SO what’s the deal? As with most mysteries, it’ll probably be something mundane. Until then, here’s some “Where’s Putin” puzzles for everyone:

wheres putin 03

wheres putin 01

wheres putin 02

Let’s hope the Ukrainians have seized control of Russia and ousted Pootey Poot.

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