Black Panther Group Leads Open Carry ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protest Outside Texas Legislature

A protest outside the Texas legislature today completely confused online outrage-mongers by combining something conservatives hate, the Black Panthers, with something liberals hate, the right to Open Carry.

Pics from the Twitter:

And also in Austin:

There were some supporters on Twitter:

More from the Dallas Morning News:

The Dallas-based Huey P Newton Gun Club marched through downtown Austin and posted up outside of the Capitol building with long guns Monday as the Texas Senate debates open carry bills.

The club is named after the co-founder of the Black Panther Party and inspires their message, according to member Erick Khafre.

The Black Panther Party is associated with extremist tactics, but Khafre said the group is not interested in being violent.

“We’re interested in educating people about their rights and defending their community,” Khafre said.

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