People Refuse to Believe Hanged Black Man Killed Himself, Just Like ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’

Immediately after the news broke that a black man was found hanged in Mississippi, everyone immediately jumped to the conclusion that the KKK had began a genocidal campaign against blacks and every white person is in on the conspiracy. They must believe this in order to further their ridiculous political agenda, and to keep minorities voting Democrat and hating whitey while becoming even more entrenched in their victim mentality.

Here are some examples!

But with the recent revelation that Otis Byrd very likely committed suicide, a slew of morons is taking to Twitter to manifest how deeply imbedded they in a racist fantasy. This is just like the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” lie that they persist in believing despite Eric Holder’s Department of Justice itself saying it was a lie. In this case, rather than being relieved that a black man wasn’t lynched, they will demand that reality bend to their will.

Here ya go:

But the one that really gets me is this one:

This genius actually believes it’s physically impossible for a man to hang himself. I don’t know how it’s intellectually possible for someone to be so stupid. God help us all.

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