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Feminists are Out to Behead Meghan Trainor for Blaspheming Against Their Man-Hating Jihad

meghan trainor

Now it’s time to make fun of fascist feminists! Pop star Meghan Trainor released a video recently that got the ample panties of lonely feminists in a bunch because it doesn’t show enough hatred for men and offends their one true god, bitterness.

Here’s her video:

She demands her “future husband” treat her like a lady, which is just perpetuating rape culture and the demonic patriarchy. No, this is not a joke, though these feminists certainly are:

Then there’s this from a Salon writer:

That was preceded by this:

Thankfully, there are a few lonely voices out in the wilderness crying out against the obvious hypocrisy of these humorless nags attacking a woman for choosing more traditional gender roles:

Y’know, feminism must be really weak if it can be toppled over by one catchy pop song. The patriarchy has no such weaknesses.

Now go forth and laugh at a stupid feminist.

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