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If You Want to Annoy Feminists, Retweet Some Of My Tweets For Their Convention Today!


Bitter, lonely, man-hating cat enthusiasts from all around the country borrowed money from their parents and more successful siblings and came to Washington D.C. today to discuss how to have more abortions, and how long your leghair has to get to be considered a proper feminist.

As a representative of the nefarious patriarchy, I set out to mock and destroy their little feelings. I think I succeeded.

If you’d like to join my crusade against the gyno-fascists, retweet away or come up with your own insults!

Here’s the tweet I linked:

Here’s the tweet I linked:

Now yes all of that was a ton of fun, but it got even better when they got their expansive panties in a bunch because we took over their hashtag:

Finally this… this takes the cake, it’s feminism turned up to eleventy:

I got nothing. Anyway, retweet some of the tweets to keep the mockery alive. You have absolute evidence that it’s annoying feminists!!

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