The Muslim World War Has Begun

With Saudi Arabia attacking the Houthi rebels that toppled the government in Yemen, a proxy war is being fought against Iran who supports the rebels. It’s a war in the Muslim world that America has had very little hand in, but it may flare into something much bigger.

Twitter offers some interesting snippets of commentary and unsubstantiated reporting:

And yet, just today Jon Karl asked the White House Press Secretary if Yemen is still considered a success – they said of course it is!

I can see this getting a lot worse. At least we can say that our reticence to participate in world affairs means we can’t be blamed when it goes to hell. I assure you as soon as the casualties start piling up they’ll start begging America to intervene. And if we do, then all the casualties of our intervention will be blamed on us. Perhaps it would be best to stay away and let them kill each other off. Of course, that’s just a cynical position. If we do that, then whoever wins would then become a threat to America. It’s a dangerous world out there and we have an idiot leading us.

And what the hell, why not laugh a bit while the world careens into a fiery train crash.

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