Hillary Clinton Cult Warns That They Are WATCHING for Anyone Using These 13 “Coded Sexist” Words

Little overzealous cults are springing up on Twitter and releasing the words that they’ll be watching for to go on the attack in service to their object of worship, Hillary Clinton!

Either this is a joke, or it’s actually a bunch of anti-Hillary people because this makes them look like a cult. Notice also the use of the hacker “anonymous” language. The Washington Post at least believes they’re real, because they emailed a reporter and she promptly issued a paraphrasing of the message:

Yeah that’s kinda creepy, but I guess you’d have to be obsessive to be for a frumpy old harridan like Hillary. Oh whoops, those are probably all sexist too huh?

Hey Clinton cult, I got a word for ya – “Orwellian.” You’ll probably need to look it up.

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