More Tweets and Vines From Racist Anti-White ‘Black Brunch’ Protests


Today has been a cornucopia of stupidity, as a veritable plethora of racist morons went out into restaurants to annoy the hell out of white people. Here are some choice tweets from their moronic movement:

They seemed to take glee in frightening the kid, because they said the child was obviously racist. Obviously.

Yes, just like the sixties when Civil Rights protesters were beaten and worse. Maybe this person is really hungry and thinks the white people not sharing their brunch is raaaacist.

This white guy is hoping this will be his “get out of race war” free card. He’ll pull up this tweet and say “don’t kill me, I’m totally upset about my white guilt!!!”

Then I saw his profile:

This is true – EVERY BLACK PERSON DIED AFTER THIS PROTEST. They were shot by George Zimmerman. May they rest in peace.

Well it’s nice that they’re willing to reach out to white people who enable their racism against whites.