Police Called On Anti-White ‘Black Brunch’ Protest in Tacoma; Protesters Whine Like Babies

Apparently the racist “Black Brunch” protests babies in Tacoma don’t understand that if you disrupt people having brunch at a business that doesn’t support your stupid demonstration, they can call the cops on you.

For those who don’t know, “Black Brunch” is a protest tactic used by “Black Lives Matter” protesters to annoy white people having brunch and force them to listen while they yell about black people who have been killed by police. So these aren’t the brightest bulbs to begin with.

Here’s an idiot from Atlanta to describe what they think they’re doing:

What’s hilarious is that they mainly do it in liberal cities, assuring that they’re just annoying people who agree with them anyway! I love it, keep it up, morons!

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