Fat-Shaming, Anti-Israel, America-Hating: New Host of ‘Daily Show’ Has Something Everyone Can HATE!

The new host of the “Daily Show” has done something very few people can do – he’s brought together left and right because he’s such a jerk that everyone has a reason to hate him! Jon Stewart announced the new hire and people immediately starting complaining about the comedian’s tweets and jokes.

All the liberals who hate “fat-shaming” are getting their ample panties in a bunch over these tweets:

Those are just the worst ones. Man, he’s really obsessed with fatness.

Israel is warlike, not the 57 Muslim countries that are trying to wipe it off the face of the Earth:

Here’s a double insult mocking black rappers and the Jews behind them!

Some found this offensive:

He’s proud of making America-bashing fun!

Oh and if you’re in flyover country, he hates you just like Jon Stewart did!

Hell, that’s practically a job requirement at the Daily Show! This is probably the only thing Stewart needed to see to hire the guy. Despite the furor, or maybe because of it, Comedy Central is sticking to the hire:

I can’t wait to see what innovative ways he can figure out to insult Americans and conservatives!

Boko Haram ‘Slaughtered Victims Like Rams And Decapitated Them’ With CHAINSAWS Says Witness to Attack

Uh Oh! Twitter Account of ‘Nazi Christian’ Economist Critic Has Been DELETED! Damn You Hackers!

Maybe the mention of the story on the Rush Limbaugh show was too much for Department of Labor Economist Elizabeth Ashack, because it looks like her account has been deleted!

Or maybe the hackers finally got to her?! Damn you North Korea!!

Here’s when I broke the story, and when she said she was hacked, and my mention on the Limbaugh Show! Enjoy!


Listen to Rush Limbaugh Mention The SooperMexican On Air!

My story about Elizabeth Ashack who tweeted about Christians voting for NAZIS has reached all the way into Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, and he got a little chuckle out of giving me credit!

Here’s audio of the event:

Rush takes a little digression into comparing the Ashack story to the Ferguson “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” lie, but he eventually comes back to my story. Thanks Rushbo!!!

Police Called On Anti-White ‘Black Brunch’ Protest in Tacoma; Protesters Whine Like Babies

Hypocritical Band Wilco Cancels Indiana Show Over New Law, But KEEPS Tour Stops in NINE Other RFRA States!

If you want more proof that the big furor over the religious rights legislation in Indiana is more about politics than principle, just look at the morons in the band WILCO:

But, as the Spectator points out, they have 20 SHOWS in other states with similar laws!

Sure, they have a right not to perform in a place they deem “backwards,” even if there won’t be a single supporter of the law in Wilco’s audience, meaning they’ve deprived themselves of friendly Indiana money (their right under the free market, too). But a quick look at Wilco’s other tour dates, and it seems they’ve been awfully selective over which RFRA states they’re choosing to ignore.

Their tour has two upcoming dates in Texas (RFRA), then takes a jaunt through Louisiana (RFRA), then takes an extended trip through Florida (RFRA). Before heading into Canada, the tour touches down in Tennessee (RFRA), Missouri (RFRA), Kentucky (RFRA), and Arizona (RFRA). After they do a quick tour through Winnipeg, they’re back in the states with dates in Missouri again (RFRA), Illinois (RFRA), and Connecticut (RFRA). They end their tour in the safe liberal haven of California, where no one except the wildlife is protected.

Here’s a visual:

And Twitter user @RedSteeze points out this further hypocrisy:

Yes, opponents rarely face the fact that Obama himself signed a version of the same bill, but apparently he can be as much of a “bigot” as possible.

Wilco is representative of how stupid the law’s opponents have been – it has nothing to do with the actual law, it has to do with slamming a possible 2016 Republican contender, Mike Pence, and with trying to make gay rights an issue for the next election.

Dept. of Labor Economist In Panic Mode: Says She Was Hacked, Deletes THAT Tweet Too!

An economist at the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the Department of Labor is in full panic mode after tweeting and deleting a message calling Christians “Nazis” yesterday [as documented HERE by ME first!]. This morning she offered the excuse that she had been hacked:

[Hat tip to Chris Loesch for the screenshot]

Now, if that was the case, why did she also delete THAT tweet? And before that, she changed her profile to hide the fact that she worked at the Dept. of Labor!

She’s a deleting machine! Who’s running her Twitter account, Hillary Clinton?!? More as this story develops…


The Blaze is reporting that the Labor Department says the matter is “under review,” and should be resolved quickly!

Thanks to the Daily Caller and Dana Loesch for crediting me on this story!

WOW: Iranian Journalist Defector Says Obama Admin Arguing on The SIDE of IRAN in Nuke Negotiations

More Tweets and Vines From Racist Anti-White ‘Black Brunch’ Protests

Today has been a cornucopia of stupidity, as a veritable plethora of racist morons went out into restaurants to annoy the hell out of white people. Here are some choice tweets from their moronic movement:

They seemed to take glee in frightening the kid, because they said the child was obviously racist. Obviously.

Yes, just like the sixties when Civil Rights protesters were beaten and worse. Maybe this person is really hungry and thinks the white people not sharing their brunch is raaaacist.

This white guy is hoping this will be his “get out of race war” free card. He’ll pull up this tweet and say “don’t kill me, I’m totally upset about my white guilt!!!”

Then I saw his profile:

This is true – EVERY BLACK PERSON DIED AFTER THIS PROTEST. They were shot by George Zimmerman. May they rest in peace.

Well it’s nice that they’re willing to reach out to white people who enable their racism against whites.

Boko Haram ‘Slaughtered Victims Like Rams And Decapitated Them’ With CHAINSAWS Says Witness to Attack

Another telegram from the religion of peace, this time in Nigeria where they’re having elections and the Islamist pigs of Boko Haram wants to disrupt any operation of Democracy since it conflicts with the Koran.

Watch below:


From RT:

Militants from extremist group Boko Haram attacked several Nigerian towns, torching houses and fatally shooting those who fled before reportedly beheading some of the bodies with chainsaws. The string of terror attacks comes amid the presidential vote.

At least 25 people were killed and more than 30 injured in the village of Buratai in Borno state, local officials confirmed.

Surviving witnesses described gruesome scenes of murder, saying that not only did the extremists set homes on fire and shoot those trying to escape, but also decapitated the bodies.

Local politician Ibrahim Adamu, who fled the scene, told CNN that Boko Haram “slaughtered their victims like rams and decapitated them,” adding that “they burned a large part of the village and we are afraid some residents were burnt in the homes because most people had gone to bed when the gunmen struck.”

Meanwhile, at least 14 people were killed in separate attacks by the radical Islamist group in the towns of Biri and Dukku, located in Gombe state. The victims included a legislator, AP reported.

The attacks came after the Nigerian military announced Friday that it had cleared all major centers in the northeast from militants. They also coincide with the country’s presidential election, which Boko Haram had vowed to derail.

Thank God we live in America, and not in the grip of a religion stuck in the 7th century.

Obama Invades Golf Course, Bravely Continues 18-hole Jihad (With Booze!) While World Implodes

Economist at Dept. of Labor Deletes Tweet Calling Christians NAZIS Over Indiana Law

This is the kind of thing that would get you fired anywhere else, but when the taxpayer is made to pay for these bigots’ paycheck, they usually get a promotion for insulting the American public.

She has deleted the tweet which reads, “people in the red states vote for nazis to govern, and then call themselves Christian, it will not end well for them. #BoycottIndiana”. Now first off, that’s a run-on sentence. You would think an economist would have a better grasp of the English language.


Secondly, doesn’t that sound like a threat? How is this gonna end badly for Christians again?

And finally, doesn’t this make you wonder what kind of shenanigans might be pulled at the Department of Labor when they throw out stats from their “objective” economists?


It looks like Liz either got fired already or she tried to hide her employment at the Department of Labor:


The Blaze is reporting that the Labor Department says the matter is “under review,” and should be resolved quickly!

Why do people do this? It’s not like we’re not gonna notice, or there won’t be a record of it online. Oh well. Go make fun of her already:

SooperPOdcast #140!! Gyno-Fascism! Ted Croooz! Walkermnesty!! With Podcast Squatter Matt Dawson

Police Called On Anti-White ‘Black Brunch’ Protest in Tacoma; Protesters Whine Like Babies

Apparently the racist “Black Brunch” protests babies in Tacoma don’t understand that if you disrupt people having brunch at a business that doesn’t support your stupid demonstration, they can call the cops on you.

For those who don’t know, “Black Brunch” is a protest tactic used by “Black Lives Matter” protesters to annoy white people having brunch and force them to listen while they yell about black people who have been killed by police. So these aren’t the brightest bulbs to begin with.

Here’s an idiot from Atlanta to describe what they think they’re doing:

What’s hilarious is that they mainly do it in liberal cities, assuring that they’re just annoying people who agree with them anyway! I love it, keep it up, morons!

Dumb Dem Rep Passing Out ‘Get Out of Deportation FREE!’ Cards to Illegal Aliens

Racists Attack Whites, Make Children Cry For ‘Black Brunch’ Protest

Here we go again – liberal racists are getting together to “disrupt” white people at their brunches in order to yell about supposed disparities in police shooting blacks who attack them and grab for their guns or something.

They’re so proud of making children cry:

They also received some backlash on Twitter:

And some sooper tweets!

Here’s the video of the white guy (that doesn’t exist) clapping:

Morons. Also, pendejos.

WOW: Iranian Journalist Defector Says Obama Admin Arguing on The SIDE of IRAN in Nuke Negotiations

An Iranian journalist has defected to the West and he’s brought some shocking insight to how the nuke talks are going and whose side the Obama administration is on.

From the Telegraph:

Amir Hossein Motaghi, who managed public relations for Mr Rouhani during his 2013 election campaign, was said by Iranian news agencies to have quit his job at the Iran Student Correspondents Association (ISCA).
He then appeared on an opposition television channel based in London to say he no longer saw any “sense” in his profession as a journalist as he could only write what he was told.

“There are a number of people attending on the Iranian side at the negotiations who are said to be journalists reporting on the negotiations,” he told Irane Farda television. “But they are not journalists and their main job is to make sure that all the news fed back to Iran goes through their channels.

And here’s what he said about the negotiations:

In his television interview, Mr Mottaghi also gave succour to western critics of the proposed nuclear deal, which has seen the White House pursue a more conciliatory line with Tehran than some of America’s European allies in the negotiating team, comprising the five permanent members of the UN security council and Germany.

“The US negotiating team are mainly there to speak on Iran’s behalf with other members of the 5+1 countries and convince them of a deal,” he said.

This explains why France has been outraged at how the negotiations are going, and why Netanyahu has had to tell Congress the information Israel gathered from their intelligence assets. No wonder Saudi Arabia believes it can’t trust the Obama administration not to leak information to Iran.

It’s getting more and more obvious that Obama is selling out America to Iran. But are enough people paying attention?

Hillary Clinton Cult Warns That They Are WATCHING for Anyone Using These 13 “Coded Sexist” Words

Caught on Video: White Man BEATEN by Black Guy Because He Wouldn’t Talk About Mike Brown

A beating was caught on video of a white man who simply refused to talk about the police killing of Mike Brown, and it shows a trainload of people just watching, some laughing while a black mean pummels the victim.

Here’s the report from USA Today – notice the title doesn’t mention Mike Brown:

And here’s the full video on Facebook:

They straight trippin Cuhh ..

Posted by Twan Davis on Thursday, March 26, 2015

What a bunch of despicable cowards. They look like they’re made of the same kind of thug that Brown was. You’ll notice that it appears everyone on the bus is black – the victim says nobody helped him, and in fact many were grinning and laughing.

Who can deny that this was driven by racism? But will the Department of Justice look into how this guy’s civil rights were violated? Yeah right.

I hope these maggots are caught quickly.

The Muslim World War Has Begun

Obama Invades Golf Course, Bravely Continues 18-hole Jihad (With Booze!) While World Implodes

The Muslim World War has burst out of Obama’s incompetent foreign policy in Yemen, and as the Shia-Sunni conflagration threatens to draw in more and more of the Middle East, President Buzzfeed is bravely continuing his golf crusade in Florida:

Obama will be waging his 18-hole jihad with the taxpayers paying his way to the tune of $630k – just for the airfare:

According to Air Force documents obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch, it costs $210,877 an hour to fly Air Force One, putting the round trip price tag at $632,631.

And apparently he’s a morning drinker!

Minutes after Obama’s entourage boarded Air Force One, the beer started to flow. According to a press pool report: “You can tell this is a non work trip … someone forward of the press cabin ordered 3 beers at 9:26 a.m.”

If Obama really is a secret Muslim, he’s a bad, bad Muslim!!

Idiotic MSNBC Guest Says Ted Cruz Listens to Country Music Because He Wants to Kill Muslims, Panel Laughs

SooperPOdcast #140!! Gyno-Fascism! Ted Croooz! Walkermnesty!! With Podcast Squatter Matt Dawson

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