Indiana High School Coach SUSPENDED for Tweeting ARSON THREAT to Pizzeria Over Religious Freedom Act!

Amidst all the threats that a pizzeria received after the owners said they wouldn’t cater a gay wedding was one from the Twitter account of a High School coach. Not the brightest move in the world:

Jess dooley religion-1

Yeah well she was promptly reported to the authorities, and she’s been immediately suspended:

Jess Dooley, who is the head coach of the girls golf program and also an assistant coach with the softball and girls basketball programs, took to Twitter Wednesday, April 1, to voice her opinion about the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

She was adding to the conversation about Memories Pizza, a Walkerton restaurant whose owners announced in a television news segment that they would not cater gay weddings.

Her Tweet read: “Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me?”

Her Twitter account was deleted quickly, taking the tweet in question with it, but that did not stop hundreds of Twitter users from responding. Many announced they would be contacting the school and asking for her to be disciplined, and others criticized her violent response.

Great job genius!

Concord Community Schools superintendent Wayne Stubbs confirmed that the district is aware of the situation and Dooley has been suspended from her coaching duties pending further investigation.

I don’t think we want a moron who doesn’t know you shouldn’t threaten illegal acts on social media to be coaching children. Seems like a bad example.

Meanwhile, the Pizzeria has been shut down after their Yelp account was overwhelmed with obscene comments, their website was hacked, and multiple death threats were made against them.

Behold the tolerant Left.

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