Check Out This Anti-Christian Moron’s Math-Challenged Conspiracy Theory

This is the reason why the federal government wants to impose common core math – the less that people understand how numbers work, the more idiotic conclusions they’ll make from not being able to do long division:

Great job moron. In the real world, $840,000 divided by 30,000 donors is just $28 per donor on average. And that’s perfectly reasonable. But this idiot is so eager to blame a right-wing extremist Koch Bros. conspiracy that they’re too lazy to punch up the calculator app on their Obamaphone.

And this “Kandyce” isn’t the only one, I documented a bunch of freaks so angry at the Pizzeria that they assumed it was all a scam they planned from the beginning!

I shudder for the future of the Republic.

h/t Chris Loesch. Obviously.

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