Libs Started Their Own ‘GoFundMe’ Campaign to Show Up ‘Bigots’ But Have Only Made 4% of Their Goal

LGBT advocates, feminists and liberals are all going insane over the donations that “Memories Pizza” has received from Americans who support their right to Freedom of Religion. In order to “show up” conservatives, one had the bright idea to start their own donation campaign for money to help homeless LGBT kids:

Many of the comments specifically mention the “Memories Pizza” campaign that made $842,600, saying that they’re going to show us “what being Christ-like is REALLY about!” Well, two days in and they’re doing a pretty crappy job of it:

pizza for equality

What they don’t understand is that the donations to Memories Pizza wasn’t about hatred or bigotry, but they were about people supporting our freedom to practice our faith. All they have proven with this campaign is that charity driven by love will succeed, but that driven by hatred will die on the vine.

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