Media Bias

News Media Caught LYING About Rand Paul AGAIN, Saying He ‘Stormed Off’ Interview, Turned Out Lights

Well the mainstream media has found its talking point about Rand Paul and they’re gonna smear him with it for the rest of his campaign. They want us to think he’s a hothead who can’t control his temper.

In an interview with the Guardian today, Rand was told there was “one more question.” After answering it, the reporter tried to ask another, so Rand Paul left. Now there are headlines screaming that he “stormed off” the interview.

Here’s the video:

The prissy sensitive journalist whines that the lights went out, and as it turns out, it was actually CNN that turned them off, not team Paul.

But the truth doesn’t matter. Idiot liberals are already running with the lie that Rand Paul cut the lights after storming off an interview. And that, my friends, is how degenerate lying left-loving media pretends to be objective while sabotaging a Republican.

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