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Boing Boing Apologizes for ‘Transphobic’ Cat-Meme Tweet, Attacks Conservatives Who Defended Them!

The humor website “Boing Boing” is pretty reliably leftist, which is why people freaked out when they made a pretty funny joke with a cat-meme (it has been deleted since first posted):

After receiving a ton of complaints from their transgender fans and supporters, they deleted the tweet and apologized:

But they weren’t content with that! They had to attack the conservatives who were actually supportive of them! LOL!

First they came for Boing Boing, and when we objected, we were mocked for it! What a bunch of smug condescending jerks. We’ll remember this when the left-wing politically correct cultural assimilation and inquisition come for your heads, Boing Boingers!!!

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